Yovoté Releases Groovy New Single, "Marisa Tomei"

Quick Thoughts: With his latest single, Marisa Tomei, Yovoté has something special on his hands. In this energetic, groovy pop song, the perfect girl is personified as the famous actress. With his smooth vocals, impeccable production, and thematic lyricism on full display, Yovoté shows off an irresistible style that will have you playing this song on repeat all day long. Marisa Tomei is a cool ass song, and Yovoté comes across as a cool ass dude, as he delves into this trite topic with a refreshing perspective and unique approach. It’s cool and laid-back, an easy listen and a sweet sound. Marisa Tomei is the second single off of Yovoté’s upcoming EP, and if this track is any indication, we’re in for a special project. Stream on Spotify: