Mark Ambor Releases His Latest Hit Single, “The Long Way”

Quick Thoughts: Singer-songwriter Mark Ambor has a penchant for creating catchy pop tracks, lined with upbeat production and memorable melodies. With only three tracks, he’s amassed a dedicated following across streaming platforms and social media. There’s something warm and inviting about his voice – it could be the slight rasp or the way he carefully layers his vocals to accentuate certain sections of his tracks. Either way, he grabbed my attention within the first few seconds of his latest single, “The Long Way.”

As his 2021 debut, “The Long Way” could very well serve as Ambor’s breakthrough track into the mainstream. His voice angelically graces the guitar-driven production as he transitions through the various sections of the track. For such a new artist, he has an impressive grasp on how to draw listeners in – the hook had me begging for him to come back to it. Since its release earlier this month, the track has earned more than half a million streams on Spotify alone and has received plenty of attention from media outlets as well. Be sure to check out the track when you have a moment.