Personal Igloo Releases Chill Indie-Pop Track

Quick Thoughts: I’m going to thank Personal Igloo on behalf of all indie-pop fans for his latest single “Material Girl”. We all have those few songs in life that are just easy to listen to- whether its groovy guitar chords or soothing vocals, these songs are somehow always a vibe. Material Girl is exactly that (with extra points for the dope guitar solo 2 minutes in). This song is about that stunning dream girl that seems beyond unattainable, inspired by Personal Igloo’s very own dream girl.

Personal Igloo is a solo act coming from Auckland, New Zealand. Blending alternative pop and R&B, Personal Igloo brings something new to the table. His sound is refreshingly chill; perfect vibe for sandy rides home from a long day at the beach. In addition to “Material Girl” be sure to give “Time to Be” and “Shades of Blue” a listen. Stream on Spotify: