Wilder Gray Releases Nostalgic Bedroom-Pop Track

Quick Thoughts: Listening to Wilder Gray’s newly released single “Memory Lane” feels like talking to an old friend. The introductory guitar pluckings sound familiar in a cozy and nostalgic type of way. The melancholic lyricism somehow brings a comforting feeling. Maybe it’s the way that vocalist Jonathan Lavotha sings “Hey, you don’t seem the same,” or maybe it’s the gentle instrumentals- either way, this piece just feels right.

This Swedish duo is made up of Lavotha and producer Teodor Wolgers. The two met during their school years and later started to songwrite and produce for multiple artists. Finally coming together to make music of their own, Wilder Grey brings us a multitude of lovely bedroom pop songs. With 3 singles and 1 EP released in 2021, I’m expecting some more great music from Wilder Grey very soon. Stream on Spotify: