kojima plus Returns with New Single, "meridian"

Quick Thoughts: I’m always looking for artists who are completely and totally unique. And that’s exactly what we get from kojima plus, an LA-based artist and producer with an unconventional style and an irresistible sound. It’s impossible to put kojima plus into any one genre; instead, he infuses elements of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music into a sound that is entirely his own. On his latest song, meridian, kojima shows off the full range of his talent, proving to be one of hip-hop's most unique upcoming artists. Over the track’s glitchy, polished production, kojima plus shows off an effortless vocal ability, flowing in and around the track’s beat with crooning vocal riffs and quick-hitting, witty bars. Throughout the track, he tries to attract love interest with the confidence and swagger of an artist truly coming into his own. It’s great to see kojima plus, who used to release music under the name kxvg, develop like this, both artistically and personally. It seems like kojima plus is gearing up for a big-time 2022, so it's time to start paying attention. Stream on Spotify: