Izzy Heltai Drops Inviting Indie Track "Met on the Internet"

Quick Thoughts: My first listen of Izzy Heltai’s “Met On The Internet” evoked a feeling that I knew was familiar but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. After a few more listens to this easy indie-rock piece, I realized that this song just sounded like home. It’s a feeling no one can really put into words, yet everyone can relate to it. Izzy’s gritty vocals tell a personal story about being a trans teenage boy in an environment riddled with toxic masculinity. Perfectly blending elements of pop and country, Izzy’s genre is what he likes to call “everyday queer trash”. To which I have to disagree with the “trash” aspect of that description. Izzy is a unique individual and it shines through his artistry. Izzy Heltai is a beautifully inviting artist and that’s not something you get a lot of anymore. Stream On Spotify: