MICO Turns Heads with New Single, "Make Me Leave"

Quick Thoughts: With the release of his latest single, make me leave, MICO diverges from his typical pop-oriented sound and ushers in an infectious pop-rock style that feels new and natural. That’s not to say you won’t like his previous releases, but make me leave shows listeners that MICO is openly exploring different styles and evolving as an artist.

Although the song starts off as a slow, acoustic-based track, you can hear something special building up around the 30-second mark. When MICO drops into the hook, the vibe of the entire track transforms. Filtered vocals and distorted guitars emerge on the track

and fill your ears with irresistible energy. You’ll find it difficult to keep your head still from there on out, even as he drops into the second verse. Looking ahead, if MICO continues to drop hits like make me leave, it won’t be long before he has several songs on your favorite playlist.

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