Miss Everything - Jarrod Allen

Jarrod Allen, a Nashville native now living in Los Angeles, started out as a jazz guitarist, but decided in high school that he wanted to expand into singing and songwriting. Allen is the total package: an incredible guitarist who writes with sharp emotion and possesses a powerful presence, something rare from young songwriters.

I listened to Jarrod’s new song, Miss Everything, watched the video and felt an instant connection. The video starts off with the lonely sound of crickets, a deep pensive drag on a cigarette. I found Jarrod’s lyrics hauntingly beautiful and transparent, set to a visual backdrop of a couple’s emotional memory of their breakup. Filmed in black and white, with moody blues, and riddled with distance, despair, regret and hope, it leaves us thinking of a past love and the difficulty of trying to replace them, if ever. Sporadically, we are hit with breaths of color coming through, reflecting hope of a return or renewal. Jarrod’s lyrics are moody, fitting and apologetic, proof that love is still there. Throughout the song, he reflects, "I’m coming home to someone new, it ain’t you…Sometimes I miss everything…You call me at 2:00 wondering how I’m doing…I don’t want to sit around and tell you what I should have said…Cause we both know I didn’t do shit." Jarrod finds himself going in circles, asking, "How’d I get so lonely?" His music is an emotional infusion of Alternative Pop and R&B, peppered with gentle percussion, piano, synthesizers, autotune and echo effects, which invites us into his empty space. The Frederich Cochran directed video is hypnotic, further pulling us deeper into Jarrod’s experience of loss.

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