Drizzy Tae Continues to Impress with New Single, "Mo Bags"

Quick Thoughts: In the era of Soundcloud rappers, the rap scene has welcomed a wide range of artists over the past few years. Because it is now so easy to sample a beat and make a track, it is becoming harder to really distinguish yourself, especially as an amateur rapper. This is not the case with Drizzy Tae. At just thirteen years old, Drizzy Tae has already established such a unique flow. His latest release, Mo Bags, tells his story of a nonstop grind to make it in the industry; it’s a truthful ode to working harder, doing better, and taking control of your life. Let me remind you, this is all coming from a thirteen year old. Not only is his lyricism aged beyond his years, but the way he raps on the track is impeccable. With six other singles out, Drizzy Tae has already gotten attention from multiple labels and fellow rappers. He’s going to be a force for a long time on the rap scene. Stream on Spotify: