Moanday Releases Indie-Funk Hit "MALDEMORES"

Quick Thoughts: Indie-funk duo, Moanday, just dropped “MALDEMORES”, and it is an absolute bop. I’ve been following Moanday for a while now. As soon as I got word of another single on the way, I knew it was going to be nothing short of fantastic. The consistent groove throughout the entirety of the piece is infectious; all you want to do is move your body. With two other singles out, Moanday has stayed true to this iconic funk sound and has not missed a beat in creating something amazing.

The Madrid Natives, Rafael Perez Santonja and Pablo Vergara Tecantos came together after college and started crafting their sound. Inspired by a variety of artists, Moanday’s approach to creating music is wholly unique. Their first two debut singles alone have gotten them a very decent following. With the momentum of “MALDEMORES” on their side, I think Moanday is headed for some big things. Stream On Spotify: