Lucy Tun Brings Refreshing Pop Style with New Single, "Monarchy"

Quick Thoughts: Every once in a while, an artist comes around with the it factor. This week, we were lucky enough to come across an artist like that with Lucy Tun, who previously released music under the name LCYTN. Now, with her first release under her real name, the Burmese-British pop artist shows off an effortlessly stunning single, Monarchy. Taking from a wide range of influences - R&B, pop, drill, and everything in between - Lucy shows an easygoing, genre-bending style. Lucy’s voice floats around the track’s dreamy, atmospheric production, providing the perfect complement. Throughout the track, Lucy comments on the beginning stages of young relationships, as emotional barriers are built and things are misunderstood. With her confessional songwriting, Lucy is a breath of fresh air on the independent scene. “I don’t like the way he treats me / Acts so tough when deep down, he needs me,” she croons in the song’s chorus. This is a head-turning single, and one that I expect Lucy Tun to build on as she moves forward. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from Lucy in the future. Stream on Spotify: