Morgen Adds Another Hit to Her Budding Catalog, "Sweet 16"

Quick Thoughts: With her third official single, “Sweet 16,”singer-songwriter Morgen adds depth and direction to her catalog. That’s not to say she had neither before, but it feels like she’s solidifying her sound and image on her new single. Her previous two records were just a taste of what she stands for: lyrically introspective, honest tracks that have a dynamic balance between her soothing voice and catchy production. On “Sweet 16,” Morgen fleshes out all of these qualities and it results in her best track to date. It takes a few listens to appreciate all of the little details that Morgen adds to make the track a vivid, exciting soundscape. From the subtle beat drops to her ear-catching ad libs, it’s a track I’ve listened to multiple times and found a new aspect to fixate on each time. Get familiar with the talented Morgen and listen to “Sweet 16” below.