Mothé Releases New Indie-Pop Gem, "Summer's Almost Gone"

Quick Thoughts: Since first releasing music under the name Mothé in August 2020, Spencer Fort has quickly amassed a significant following thanks in large part to their refreshing indie/alternative sound. With their latest release, Summer’s Almost Gone, Mothé shows off a breezy indie-pop style that is perfect for the remaining months of summer. With a lush, atmospheric soundscape and a dreamy chord progression, Mothé finds a nice, melodic groove before giving way to a guitar-heavy bridge and an explosion of energy to close out the track. Summer’s Almost Gone is adventurous and daring, a really cool track that will have you pressing repeat again and again. This track reminds me a lot of the fine work of Del Water Gap, and I am so excited to watch Mothé continue to release more music and develop. Stream on Spotify: