Music We Love Right Now: Mello - vlush

Quick Thoughts: vlush brings the greatest vibes on his latest single Mello. The chill upbeat tempo matched with his smooth voice creates a perfect easygoing energy. The sonic nature of this song makes you forget all your worries and just loosen up for a few minutes. Even after listening to on loop for an hour, I still get lost in the warm bass guitar chords.

We’ve been sleeping on vlush for too long. The self-proclaimed “millenial-king of white-boy R&B” has been a force in the indie/R&B field since his first track released in 2017. Since then, vlush has perfected his sound and blessed us with a stellar album “Who 250” back in 2019- definitely check out Boyf and Bored. If Dominic Fike and Frank Ocean had a baby, it would be vlush. I hope the release of Mello is going to be followed by another great album so make sure to stay tuned. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Dominic Fike, Frank Ocean