Nadia Kamrath Expresses Raw Talent On Her Latest Release "Confessions"

Quick Thoughts: For the first minute and a half of Nadia Kamrath’s latest release “Confessions” we hear naked vocals with little to no instrumentals and it is absolutely breathtaking. The gentle nature of her perfectly tuned voice tightly grips your attention and doesn’t let it go. Hearing a story through her vocals is heavenly. “Confessions” is about a point in a friendship where one person's feelings begin to develop deeper than the others. This is the second single off of Nadia’s upcoming EP and I’m hoping the rest of the EP will feature more of these beautifully intimate vocals. Nadia taps into her vulnerability to write songs about her own experiences and interpretations of fragile love. She puts herself out there in such a raw state and that is what’s ultimately going to take her very, very far. Stream On Spotify: