Nate Ouellette Delivers His Latest Single “Dancing” with Dollababy

Quick Thoughts: With roots in pop and alternative music, Nate Ouellette blends current aesthetics to create his own unique sound and style. After listening to his music, it’s easy to tell that Nate has an affinity for acoustic instruments and rock drums. His voice works well with his production – on some tracks he opts for evocative tones, like on “Hold On,” while on others, and the more recent ones, his vocals seem to float and hardly tickle the ear. On his latest single “Dancing,” Nate moves into R&B and rap territory, exploring new melodies, fast flows, and braggadocious lyrics.

Nate has extreme potential, but I think he needs to find his sound and stick with it. His talent allows him to explore so many different genres, however, as an emerging artist, Nate should focus his efforts on mastering one genre, as fans will gravitate towards an artist who does one thing exceptionally rather than one who does multiple things well. I’m excited to see what Nate does next and what kind of sound he decides to pursue.

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