New Music: A Shadow of Ignorance (Ep. 2) - Civ Pierre

Quick Thoughts: Since releasing his first two-song project, When A Daisy Blossoms (Ep. 1), in December, Civ Pierre has been a mysterious figure. After releasing his second two-song project, A Shadow of Ignorance (Ep. 2), the mystery has only grown larger. With the release of this project today, he also removed his previous project from streaming services, and kept just two songs available to the public (luckily they’re still available on SoundCloud).

While we know very little about who Civ Pierre is as a person, we have heard more than enough of his music to know that he’s a special artist. The two tracks on Ep. 2, BILLIE and THE LAW, demonstrate the same talent that we all heard on Ep. 1: an unforgettable falsetto, effortless flow, and compelling storytelling. When he sings, you want to listen. He is in complete control. His talent is undeniable. It’s not a matter of if he Civ Pierre will break out; it’s a matter of when. And he might just be in control of that, too. Stream on Spotify:

For Fans of: Smino, Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak