New Music: Arrow - GOM

Quick Thoughts: Until yesterday, GOM only had two songs on streaming services, High and Heartache, both released in 2020. Thanks to the success of those two tracks, he’s built a dedicated fanbase, which helped him make a run to the Final Four of our 2020 Rising Artists Bracket. His first release of 2021, Arrow, continues to build on his body of work, while beginning to suggest who GOM really is as an artist.

Arrow begins slowly, with just a guitar strumming, before quickly picking up pace. As the track speeds up, GOM adds layers of production. Pairing this production with autotuned vocals, the 20 year-old creates a sound that takes from punk rock, hyperpop and alternative rock, a stirring, toe-tapping combination. Arrow proves that GOM is a rare, special artist who won’t just stick to one sound. He has the ability and willingness to experiment and explore, and the result is always impressive. We thought GOM took off in 2020, but if he continues to drop tracks like this one throughout 2021, there’s no saying what he could do this year. Stream on Spotify:

Must Listens: High, Heartache

For Fans of: Dominic Fike, Alexander 23