New Music: Bonnie & Clyde - Memoria XI

Quick Thoughts: Memoria XI made the most of 2020, dropping six tracks and creating a deep, quality catalogue without a single skippable song. In doing so, the Maryland native began to develop a signature sound that blends hip-hop, pop music, and trap music. However, it’s his distinct, instantly recognizable voice that makes him a star. Deeply emotive and passionate, he will remind listeners instantly of Juice WRLD.

The 19 year-old’s first single of the new year, Bonnie & Clyde, shows that he won’t be slowing down any time soon. The new track is sonically similar to his releases from 2020, but Memoria XI mixes in some clever lyrics to boot. “Two bad bitches, that’s a double / And she likes that I’m so humble,” he raps with a chuckle, a subtle sign of his burgeoning confidence. With every additional release, Memoria XI gives you a little bit more to love. His talent is irresistible. Watch out for him to break out this year. Stream on Spotify:

Must Listens: Happier, Never Let Go

For Fans of: Juice WRLD, Post Malone