New Music: Eloise - Peter McPoland

Quick Thoughts: From the moment Peter McPoland’s stunning vocals cut across his acoustic guitar in his latest release, Eloise, singing, “Good Morning, Eloise,” you realize that you’re listening to a star. The Texan has an incredible voice that exudes passion and emotion with every note, an ability that reminds me of The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz.

Eloise is not the first impressive track from McPoland, whose catalogue is remarkably deep for a 20 year old. Every track that he has released to this point shows off his vulnerable songwriting, and Eloise is no different, as he asks poignant questions of the track’s titular character: “How can you stomach all the dying world?” A release like this will make you desperate for live music to come back, and I get the feeling that Peter would put on a hell of a live show. Here’s to more Peter McPoland releases and the return of live music this year. Stream on Spotify:

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