New Music: Fear & Loathing - Wiley from Atlanta

Quick Thoughts: If you aren’t up on Wiley from Atlanta, you’re missing out on a special artist. His latest single, Fear & Loathing, which was released exclusively on SoundCloud today, shows him at his very best: genre-bending, versatile, and intensely emotional. The track’s production is unbelievable, just take a listen to that bass.

With his signature raspy voice growling over the beat, he passionately delivers the track’s chorus, “Take off your pride, leave it in the door / We both drunk off moonlight, dancing real slow / Take off your pride, leave it on the floor / We both get so high, just hold me real close.” It’s the type of chorus that makes you want to sing along.

Wiley is in the process of rolling out more singles for his upcoming project. Make sure to follow Qore for all of the latest updates and reviews on every one of his new tracks. Stream on SoundCloud:

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