New Music: Pharmacy - Zack Cokas

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

After a five-month hiatus since the release of his debut EP, PABLO, Zack Cokas released the first single, PHARMACY, for his upcoming EP, WARHOL. An uncredited voice rings in Cokas’ awaited return, and the North Carolina-based rapper breaks into an eclectic tirade. PHARMACY is Cokas’ testament to coping with the physical and emotional trauma of putting in the work on his recent catalogue, bringing that trauma into everyday life, and the attained reliance on prescribed medication for OCD, anxiety, and depression as a result.

In PHARMACY, Cokas drops a colorful and multi-layered track that explores his need for medication in more grounded ways than one would expect. He voices concern over his prescription’s affordability, how long he may have reliance, and what effects his condition will

have on his life expectancy. Cokas recently expressed to Clash that his pharmacy in WARHOL is one meant to be satirically portrayed as a miracle store with quick-fix prescriptions, though reality is far from the truth. He instead wants to show the pharmacy as a first step towards healing, not a miracle cure. It’s a track that begs to be replayed, not only for its drive-around-town sound but for its many themes. One can only expect more density from the lyricist’s sophomore EP next month. Stream on Spotify: