New Music: Radio Static (ft. DavidTheTragic) - Wiley from Atlanta

Quick Thoughts: Wiley from Atlanta describes his latest track, Radio Static, by saying “This that huddled round the beat box type shit.” My advice? Take it from the man himself. We’ve heard enough from Wiley to trust him. Whether he’s rapping, singing in his signature bluesy tone, or somewhere in between, he always delivers.

Radio Static stands out for a few reasons, one of which is unsurprisingly Wiley’s delivery. He has a remarkable ability to vocally match the beat, going high and low as the beat calls for it like a game of cat-and-mouse. This is to say nothing of his obvious chemistry with DavidTheTragic. While some features can seem clumsy, DavidTheTragic’s is natural, coming onto the track seamlessly without a beat change or change of pace; this is the rare feature that allows both artists to shine. So huddle round a beat box and listen to this shit.

Wiley is releasing the tracks to his upcoming album one-by-one on Soundcloud. Make sure to follow us for the thoughts on each new release. Stream Radio Static on Soundcloud: