Asha Imuno puts his versatility on full display in his hit track, SIX PACK. The track, which tracks his personal growth from a self-conscious kid to a talented, self-aware artist, begins with a dreamy, hyperpop verse. “When I was ten, I used to swim in my shirt / I don’t swim in my shirt no more,” he sings breathlessly at the top of the track.

His vocals are strained yet effortless, his lyrics playful yet mature. The Moreno Valley, CA native unabashedly embraces these contradictions, incorporating a middle-of-the-song beat change to match. Asha Imuno raps over the second half of the track, flowing comfortably over a hard, bass-heavy beat. SIX PACK is an intriguing, loopy track that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day. Stream it on Spotify: