New Music: Sunny - Artemas

Quick Thoughts: “Sunny since the day that you left / Now it only rains when I hit you up,” Artemas sings at the top of his new release, Sunny, out today. The line hints to what the rest of the track will be like: dark, deep, and brooding. The Oxford native is a hell of a writer, using an extended metaphor to tell the story of a breakup. His voice, dripping with feeling, matches the tone of the lyrics as he perfectly captures the emotions of a bad breakup.

Sonically, it’s almost difficult to describe Artemas. His sound has roots in hip-hop, rock, and pop music, but he fuses these genres together in such a special way; he doesn’t so much bend genres as he does hit different genres. Artemas is paving his own way with a distinct sound, establishing himself as one of the most unique, talented artists on the independent scene right now. Sunny is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far. Make sure to stream it on Spotify:

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For Fans of: Dominic Fike, mansionz