New Music: Sunshine - Shawn Mathews

Quick Thoughts: The world needs more tracks like Sunshine, the latest release from rising artist Shawn Mathews. This new single from the young singer/songwriter is bound to lift you up and put a smile on your face. Sunshine is both inspired by and perfect for this moment. Mathews explains that after struggling through last year, he’s trying to have a better outlook in 2021. “Even though it was little things like keeping a consistent schedule, or working out, or making sure I’m spending quality time with those I love; these little things all add up. As a result, through this first month of the new year, I feel way better than last year and feel hopeful that this year overall will be way better,” he says.

Mathew’s warm, tranquil voice accompanies an infectiously singable hook to produce a song that will make you want to shut your door and dance around… or run outside and seize the day. “I’ve been feeling myself, yeah I don’t need nothing else,” Matthews preaches, exuding a humble confidence that rubs off onto the listener - something so valuable at a time when self-love is essential. The driving beat and bassline grounds a playful guitar chord progression that keeps the song moving forward and your head bobbing. I kid you not, Sunshine could turn a bad day into a good one, so give it a listen… or three. Stream on Spotify:

Also make sure to check out the song's music video, attached below!

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