Gun Boi Kaz Shows Star Talent On New Track "nicotine"

Quick Thoughts: Gun Boi Kaz expresses sheer talent on his latest release “nicotine”. This pop-punk track has the quality and sound of a classic late 90’s pop-punk piece. His emotive vocals are extremely fitting to the intense guitar and drum instrumentals. This song was originally a snippet used for a TikTok posted by Kaz. After going viral, Kaz made it into a full track.

Gun Boi Kaz is native to Korea, but spent his childhood in a small town in Connecticut. He turned to music during his teen years as a way to help himself work through his emotions. Through his music as well as social media, Kaz has cultivated a large and loyal fanbase. Gun Boi Kaz is like the poster boy for your classic Gen-Z E-Boy. The thing that distinguishes him from the rest of this crowd is that he actually has real talent. Gun Boi Kaz isn’t a trend, it’s clear that he’s here to stay. Stream On Spotify: