No Dough - Fly Anakin

It's an interesting time to be an independent artist. Sharing your music with the world has never been easier. As a result it's become increasingly difficult, and paramount, for artists to differentiate themselves. People may never hear a great song simply because the artist doesn’t match the algorithmic favor of whatever app is shooting tunes through their ears.

Lucky for all of you, we’ve been paying attention.

Enjoyers of good music; do yourselves a favor. Grab a pen and pad and write down the name “Fly Anakin” 50 times. His is a name you’ll want to remember. Any rapper that garners the attention of Madlib is worth a listen – but a rapper referred to by the mad man himself as “one of the illest MCs,” now that’s just different.

On his most recent single, No Dough, Fly controls the chaos of Madlib’s production and tethers his rhymes to the reality of his struggles. Sprinting through a landmine of fake friends, empty pockets and snakes in the grass, Fly emerges on the other end unphased. As a listener I emerged on the other end with my brain in 30 pieces, and I mean that in the best way possible. The only problem with the track is that it’s over too soon. In classic Madlib fashion, the production reels us in like a fish hook and leaves us wanting more.

In 1 minute and 31 seconds, Fly Anakin delivers what some artists take a whole album to delve out. Rhythmic rhyme schemes bouncing emphatically through the track, prose that’s both poetic and powerful, and a sound that’s entirely his own. It’s no secret rap is one of the more saturated genres in the industry – but a talent that makes music for the right reasons will always stand out.

A real artist makes music because it takes them to another station. For a brief moment you're able to shut your eyes, lean back and fall into the chords or beat you're hearing. Submerged in your own creation, you're own expression that can never be re-created, underrated, or copy-cut-pasted. It's heaven on earth, and since you can't get to heaven without dying (unfortunate) it's the best feeling life has to offer to musicians and fans alike. Fly Anakin makes music for the right reasons. And now that he’s back from his European tour, he should have more time to continue growing his catalog - thank the lord.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tracks like No Dough on the horizon.

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