KDVSGOLIATH Drops Yet Another Incredible Track, "NO PRESSURE."

Quick Thoughts: It’s always interesting to see an independent artist with a completely unique sound. I love the originality, the vision, and the innovation of these artists, who refuse to follow in the footsteps of those who came before them and instead look to do their own thing. The creativity and artistry required is nothing short of daunting, but these artists are unafraid to push boundaries and break the rules - it’s awesome. Such is the case of KDVSGOLIATH, the West-London based rapper who is breaking the rules left and right, and making incredible music in the process. With the release of his EP, BIPOLAR, a couple weeks back, KDVSGOLIATH continues to establish himself as one of the most impressively unique artists on the independent scene. Of the album’s many incredible tracks, NO PRESSURE. might just be my favorite. Throughout the entire song, KDVSGOLIATH shows a distinguishable flow, as he easily delivers over the track’s hard-hitting beat with versatility, strength, and confidence. The track, inspired by an event that could have turned violent, reflects KDVSGOLIATH’s preference for focusing on his future instead of succumbing to retaliation. KD is doing something really, really special right now. If you’re not paying attention it’s time to get hip. Stream on Spotify: