Noah Jack Releases New Track, "Angst"

Quick Thoughts: Noah Jack emerged in the fall of 2020 with a string of Soundcloud releases that showed just how talented he is. This year, however, he has shown more than just talent: he’s demonstrated starpower. His first release of the new year, FACELIFT, was a genre-bending song with roots in hyper-pop, indie-rock, and hip-hop. Jack’s second release of 2021, ANGST, is proof of a rapidly-forming signature sound, one that makes use of vulnerable, honest songwriting, unforgettable vocals, and a sonic range rarely seen from a 20 year-old. The Pennsylvania native is comfortable doing what others won’t; it’s what makes him one of the most dynamic independent artists out there right now. If you aren’t listening to Noah Jack right now, you need to be. He’s special. Stream on Spotify: