Alex Fasso Drops Lo-Fi Electro-Chill Track, "Northside"

Quick Thoughts: Alex Fasso flawlessly meshes Lo-Fi vibes with soft electro beats to create this impeccably chill track, “Northside”. As Fasso sings with such intent along the dysphoric guitar chords and you begin to truly visualize this emotive story that he is trying to tell. “Northside” is an anthem driven by nostalgia and discontent. Written about a small suburb in Melbourne, it’s clear that Fasso is saddened by this place when he sings “On the northside of town all the kids are the same, doing drugs off their phones, try to numb the pain”.

Alex Fasso was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Melbourne, Australia when he was 15. His interest in music started quite late as he began learning guitar towards the end of his schooling. It’s clear that he wasted no time in perfecting his sound in creating aesthetically chill music. With 5 other singles out, Fasso establishes his genuine talent as he powerfully belts the lyrics with such grit in his voice. Writing and producing everything out of his bedroom, I don’t think the momentum of Alex Fasso’s releases are ending anytime soon. Be sure to check out “Borrowed Nostalgia” and “Drunken Thoughts” - thank me later. Stream on Spotify: