LUKEY Teams Up with K.eena for First Release of 2021, "OCEANA"

Quick Thoughts: There aren’t many artists capable of doing what LUKEY just did with his first single of 2021, OCEANA. After taking the past year off to focus on himself, the Philadelphia native teamed up with K.eana to show off his refined, matured sound. LUKEY infused elements of indie, R&B, and pop into this infectious, genre-bending track. OCEANA is a dance-worthy bop through and through, the perfect song to play, as he says, “for a good dance with the homies.” And this song will make you want to do just that. OCEANA puts LUKEY’s full range of talent on display, as he complements his hook-heavy melodies with his silky smooth vocals and polished production. With a pop-R&B style that reminds me a bit of Dijon, LUKEY is doing something special right now. At some point, there’s not much else I can say about this song; you just gotta go listen to it. Stream on Spotify: