Wallice Releases Latest Hit, "Off the Rails"

Quick Thoughts: Every once in a while, an artist comes around and you just know that they’re going to be a force in the industry for a long, long time; such is the case for Wallice. The LA-based singer-songwriter and self-proclaimed jazz-school dropout has been steadily building a massive following since the release of her debut single, Punching Bag, in October. In the seven months since, Wallice has released several singles, the latest of which, Off the Rails, was released yesterday. Combining her angsty lyricism with her silky smooth voice and impeccable production, Wallice once again shows off her consummate indie sound in what might just be her best track yet. In Off the Rails, she addresses the all-too-common feeling that everything in her life is spiraling out of control. Throughout her entire discography, Wallice has proven to be comfortable parsing through complicated emotions: of growing up, of failed relationships, of self-doubt. She is relatable and thoughtful, self-aware and undaunted; she is a star. Off the Rails, is the title track for her debut EP, coming in early June. We can’t wait to hear the full project. Stream on Spotify: