OFTEN Releases Hypnotic Track "Palm Trees"

Quick Thoughts: Everything about OFTEN’s latest release “Palm Trees” is transcendent. Right when the song starts, the synth beats grab your attention with their unique texture and mysterious simplicity. OFTEN comes in with her dreamy vocals and takes the song to another level. You really can’t help but succumb to the hypnotic nature of this piece.

“Palm Trees” is about that bittersweet moment in life where the era of partying is coming to an end which signals in an era of self- reflection. To no surprise, OFTEN actually wrote this song at 2 in the morning after a night out. The melancholic nature comes from reflection upon a friendship between OFTEN and another individual. OFTEN describes the song as a “simple goodbye” and that’s exactly what it sounds like. Truly an amazing piece of art, so hats off to OFTEN. Stream On Spotify: