Samaria Releases Beautiful New Single, "Out the Way"

Quick Thoughts: Samaria's latest release, Out the Way, is the perfect track to relax with while its strong back beat could bring fire to a future dance floor. Raising comparisons to similar R&B artists, such as H.E.R. or Ella Mai, Samaria remains unique in her own right with her lyricism and flow. "Been looking for me honey, I've been out the way,” she sings, giving a listener the strength to leave their unsatisfying relationship. The singer’s melodic voice against such strong lyrics creates a satisfying contrast for any listener. You'll be drawn into Samaria's storytelling while feeling a need to move with a well-produced back track, the kind of song that could unite a dance floor of people. As a whole, the track is a beautiful development from the talented singer-songwriter and one that leaves us excited for future inspiring releases. Stream on Spotify: