The Cool Quest Releases Vibey New Single, "PARTY ON THE BLOC"

Quick Thoughts: With their latest single, PARTY ON THE BLOC, The Cool Quest shows off an infectious genre-bending sound that effortlessly infuses elements of hip-hop, alternative rock, and indie pop. Written while in quarantine, PARTY ON THE BLOC is a fun track with heavy hooks, an unforgettable chorus, and swinging melodies that will make you want to dance. Hailing from the Netherlands, The Cool Quest are beginning to make some real moves, establishing themselves as a must-see live act with a deep, consistent discography. There’s an awesome energy to this track, and if they ever find themselves touring in the States I might just have to go see them live. The Cool Quest remind me a bit of Walk The Moon with their fun-loving sound. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from the band moving forward. They wrote a ton of music during quarantine and I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing some more hits from them very shortly. Stream on Spotify: