Farrari Yanni Returns with Latest Hit, "Pop My Shit"

Quick Thoughts: We first discovered Farrari Yanni late last in 2020 when he released his single, Fear God. The Chicago native immediately impressed us with his hard-hitting bars and unique delivery; now back with his latest release, Pop My Shit, it’s clear that Yanni won’t be slowing down any time soon. Yanni set out to produce a “happy, get up and dance to song,” and that’s exactly what he has with Pop My Shit, a hard, upbeat song with a smooth, unforgettable bass line that sets the tone for the track. With his trademark attitude and irreverent nature, Yanni encourages the listener to stand up and dance, to celebrate his accomplishments with him. This is a dope song, and we’ve come to expect nothing less from Farrari Yanni, who is quickly establishing himself as a certifiable hit-maker. If you’re not hip to what Yanni has been doing, it’s time to change that. Stream on Spotify: