Posh Chocolates Releases Unique Indie Pop Track "Gravity"

Quick Thoughts: Posh Chocolates really pushes the boundaries of lo-fi, indie-pop on his latest release “Gravity”. The brilliant use of electronic soundscapes and vocal manipulation give the piece an outlandish and unique vibe. “Gravity” is about a depression that feels as heavy as- you guessed it- gravity. Posh Chocolates sings from the heart on this track as he suffers from severe mood fluctuations. Posh Chocolates, AKA Christian Ellery, is a UK based songwriter and producer. His skillful blending of indie-pop and hip-hop give him a sonic platform that is unlike any artist we’ve heard before. He likes to remain in a space of playfulness while also ensuring the production of quality pieces. “Gravity” is just the first single of Posh Chocolates’ upcoming EP and I’m very eager to hear the rest of this project. Stream On Spotify: