Qore Performances to be Played on Air on Ithaca College's WICB and VIC Stations

Qore Music Co. is pleased to announce our latest partnership with WICB and VIC Radio, the two radio stations affiliated with Ithaca College. With this partnership, Qore's weekly performances will be played on the air and broadcasted to the Central New York area.

About WICB: WICB is Ithaca College's FCC licensed, non commercial educational station that broadcasts live from the school 24 hours a day, all year long. If you're in Central New York, you can listen at 91.7 FM. WICB also streams worldwide with iHeartRadio, iTunes Internet Radio, TuneIn Radio, and their own iOS app. You can also listen on their website. The Qore performances will be aired every Friday at 3:55 PM on WICB.

About VIC Radio: VIC Radio is Ithaca College's internet-only radio station. Operated by a full-student staff of DJs, VIC Radio is the home to the "best of what's next" in indie-alternative music. You can listen to VIC Radio on their website. The performances will be aired every Thursday at 5:55 PM on VIC Radio.