Quarters of Change Continues to Turn Heads with New EP, "Innocent"

Quick Thoughts: Quarters of Change, a rising alternative rock band out of New York City, has quietly been amassing a loyal, sizable fan base thanks to its impressive catalogue. With their latest release, the three-song EP Innocent, the band continues to establish itself as a can’t-miss act. Across the project, the band shows off its enthralling sound, offering a modern, alternative twist on the pop-rock sound of the early 2000s that acts like the Counting Crows and The Goo Goo Dolls popularized. If you’re a fan of good old-fashioned rock-and-roll, Quarters of Change is for you: they’ve got an awesome sound and an indelible presence. As you listen to this project on repeat, the band will quickly climb up your list of acts you want to see live. Stream on Spotify:

Must Listens: Kiwi, Sofia

For Fans of: Counting Crows, The Goo Goo Dolls