Rec Hall’s Debut Track, “She Doesn’t Get It,” is the Perfect Summer Smash

Quick Thoughts: Three-member band, Rec Hall, are by no means new to the music scene. They found success under the moniker, Alinea, but decided to change it for branding and marketing purposes. With a new name comes a new beginning, and Rec Hall is wasting no time in re-introducing themselves. At the beginning of May, they dropped their debut track, “She Doesn’t Get It.” The track is nothing short of outstanding, as they perfectly transition between sections, building anticipation for a hook that you'll certainly be singing with them. As we enter the mid-summer months, look to Rec Hall if you need the song to get the party going. They bring justice to alternative-rock and we couldn’t be more excited to see how they follow up this masterpiece of a debut. Listen to “She Doesn’t Get It” below: