Benny Bellson Drops Latest Hit, “Red Wine”

Quick Thoughts: Benny Bellson has arguably been the breakout artist of 2021 to this point. With his signature sound - a raw mix of punk, alternative rock, and hip-hop - the California native is doing something that nobody else on the independent scene can touch right now. In his latest hit, Red Wine, Bellson continues to impress with his stirring, can’t-miss nature that will have you hooked upon one listen. Bellson’s sound is somewhat nostalgic and progressive, rebellious and sophisticated - a testament to his incredible talent and his unique style. It feels like Bellson is on the verge of doing something that only the most special artists can achieve: providing the soundtrack for an entire generation of kids; he’s the perfect blend of revolutionary and listenable. I just get the feeling that if he continues releasing music at this rate and at this level of quality, then he’s going to take off FAST. Stream on Spotify: