Ben Beal drops melancholic masterpiece with newest single, “Redundant”

Quick Thoughts: Listen to the first minute of this track and tell me who you are reminded of. The answer is quite obvious. What do you get when you take a gloomy melodic hook accompanied by impressive lyricism and a jazzy instrumental beat? The style is unmistakable - Mac Miller. From day one of his career, the emerging New York rapper and University of Maryland alum, Ben Beal, has seemingly attempted to mirror the style of late Mac Miller, and he’s done a damn good job.

Redundant, his first release of 2021, details the self-questioning and inner-conflict of someone involved in a toxic-ass relationship. Like Mac, Beal is able to take a depressing subject and put it into a musical piece that will make you reflect on your own life even if the subject is totally not relatable. If that ain’t genuine music, I don’t know what is. We strongly encourage you to scope this single as well as the rest of Beal’s impressive portfolio. Stream on Spotify: