Miki Ratsula Releases Irresistible New Pop Hit, "reeboks"

Quick Thoughts: Since they began releasing music back in 2016, Miki Ratsula has become well-regarded for their ability to craft tender, melodic pop songs. Between their thematic, imagery-driven lyricism, stunning vocals, and lush melodies, Miki wastes no time captivating listeners with their latest release, reeboks. With its unique style and beautiful harmonies, reeboks is the perfect song to play on late-night summer drives. Upon listening to this track, you’ll feel yourself lost in the beautiful vibes that Miki creates, as they sing openly and vulnerably about their girlfriend: “I wish I could promise you a New York apartment,” they croon with the full emotion of the statement exuding from their voice. A queer singer-songwriter currently based in Southern California, Miki strives to change pop music by giving the LGBTQ+ community the representation it deserves. And they are doing an incredible job of that, while also putting together an incredible body of work musically. Infusing elements of R&B, indie, and electronic music into their music, Miki has developed an irresistible pop style that I cannot get enough of. Stream on Spotify: