Eden Rain Blesses Us With Alternative R&B Track

Quick Thoughts: I’m really excited about Eden Rain. After my first listen to her latest single “Rent In The City”, I knew she was something special. I can't even find the words to perfectly describe her voice, but it’s beautifully intriguing. The way she delivers the lyrics with such communicative intent and style leaves you anxiously waiting for the next words to follow. Although Eden Rain is more alternative R&B, she gives me modern day Lorde vibes- very hype.

“Rent In The City” is a brutally realistic ode to what it’s like to live in a city, particularly London. This track was inspired by Rain’s move to London and her feelings of awe towards the big-ctiy life. Eden eden-rain-blesses-us-with-alternative-r-b-tracktells her story with honesty and detail using her rich vocals to really illustrate her narrative. With such talent in both songwriting and singing, Eden Rain has a clear path to the top. She’s unique, she’s cool, she’s talented. Nothing but great things coming for Eden Rain. Stream on Spotify: