Moving Pop-Punk Track Released By Braden Ross x Days To Waste

Quick Thoughts: Braden Ross and Days to Waste really killed it on the acoustic version of their latest release “rewrite (acoustic)”. Having a great voice and great instrumentals are always awesome to listen to, but being able to feel the articulation of such a specific emotion through music takes immense skill from the artist. Braden Ross and Days to Waste stepped up to the plate and did that in this piece. The pop-punk vibe translates so well through the gravelly vocals of both of these immensely talented artists.

“rewrite (acoustic)” is a song about abandonment. It details the emotions and feelings of someone who experiences a sense of neglect and betrayal from someone they once loved. Braden Ross writes from experience, but even without knowing that you can hear it so clearly in his voice. If you’re feeling in your bag “rewrite (acoustic)” is a must- go and give it a listen and you’ll know what I mean. Stream on Spotify: