Playyard's "Rockstar" May be Their Best Single Yet

Quick Thoughts: Playyard, the emerging duo out of Los Angeles, is coming into 2021 with what may be their best track yet. The rambunctious young pair has been dropping singles together since 2019. Roommates at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the boys have spent years together honing their alternative fusion of R&B and pop. Rockstar, their latest release, is a love track about what could have been. The duo of Michael Sack and Henry Morris combine to create an untouched style and chemistry with well-harmonized vocals and unique jazzy guitar licks comparable to the likes of Tom Misch.

Rockstar is just their latest of a series of singles and EPs over the last two years. We hope to see more from Playyard soon as they continue to grind day and night on their music, performances, and work on their upcoming debut album.