Arden Jones Drops New Hit, "rollercoaster"

Quick Thoughts: It didn’t take Arden Jones much time to become a certified hit-maker. With only three singles on streaming services - all released in 2021 - Arden has established himself as a star, thanks to his infectiously unique indie-pop style. With his latest release, rollercoaster, continues to demonstrate a penchant for blending pop and hip-hop into an irresistible package that one can’t help but compare to Mac Miller. With his layered sound, catchy lyricism, and hook-heavy melodies, Arden Jones has taken the world by storm this year. Hailing from the Bay Area, Arden brings an effortless cool to everything he does, and at just 20 years-old, he’s just getting started. If this year is any indication, Arden will be dropping hits for a long, long time. Stream on Spotify: