Daniel Nunnelee Continues to Stand Out as a Name to Watch on the Indie-Folk Scene with New Project

Quick Thoughts: Recently TikTok viral alt-folk singer Daniel Nunnelee continues to bring a haunted sound to the modern indie folk scene. Crooning over love, travel, and Rooftops at Sunset, the artist reflects his quoted inspirations, such as the Lumineers and Hozier, while crafting a fully unique sound with eerie lyrics and a continuous echo based reverb. Based in Nashville, Nunnelee’s guitar skill and songwriting abilities bring justice to the musical prowess of his native city. Daniel’s vocal style reflects his upbringing in various churches around the South, through a gospel-esque flow and a strong bellow.

The singer-songwriter began his musical career in 2017 with Put Me in the Ground, with artist Austin Sawyer, a haunting track reflecting on death and exhaustion, which remains his top track on Spotify and TikTok-- only illustrating it’s long lasting impact on listeners. The lyrics, “One more day going through the motions, Gonna put me in the ground,” describes someone at the end of their strength, the accompanying backtrack conveying the feeling with uncomplicated chord progressions. He embarked on his first tour in 2019, singing the tracks of his EP, Tired Eyes.

His latest two track release, Rooftops at Sunset showcase a development towards fuller range vocals and the addition of more folk-based instruments, such as banjo, for track accompaniment. The speedier movement and increased power of tracks such as Wrong to You showcases the artists immense versatility when compared to the slow, spooky nature of earlier releases. Daniel’s various folk, religious, and Nashville influences in both vocal style and writing encapsulate a mastery of reverb and production, leaving listeners pressing rewind. Stream on Spotify: