CharQoal Brings the Heat on New Track, "Rula"

Quick Thoughts: There’s a real presence about CharQoal. Hailing from Nigeria and now based in Los Angeles, CharQoal has an ear for melody that stands out on his latest track, Rula. CharQoal complements the beat's trap drums with his unorthodox harmonies to create an irresistible track that has the ability to totally transform the energy in a room. And that's to say nothing of his flow; he brings an undeniable, fiery energy to this track that I cannot get enough of. CharQoal has quietly been putting together a REALLY impressive, deep catalogue of music. There are more than a few tracks that you will be sure to fuck with. I have no doubt that he’ll continue to make waves as he releases more music. I’ll be keeping my eye on CharQoal, I feel like he could take off any day now. Stream on Spotify: